Bio Alex de Sain

Alex de Sain – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – All round extreme sportsman.

My journey has always been the balance between chaos and order. Finding steadiness and ease in all that I do in life and especially in the extreme sports is what I practice nowadays.

I have been in extreme sports since childhood. Skateboarding, wind surfing and bodyboarding, I all loved it since I was 8 years old.

After being with the Dutch special forces for 2 years my wanderlust gene was a benefit when I travelled the world as a professional IT specialist while in the meanwhile being a teamrider for Red Bull and other big brands. I loved every minute of taking my sports to the next level and sharing my knowledge with others. However at some point this came to an end; I broke my back surfing in a huge wave in Nazare. After getting older and wiser and surviving this extreme accident my way how I approach sports became different but my sport wanderlust will never disappear.

After recovering from my accident my business ‘Extremely Insain ‘ was born. At Extremely Insain, based at Vinkeveen The Netherlands, we train people of all ages in the techniques of SUP while having fun and increasing their fitness level. We bring them to the next level with Race training, HIIT training.

In 2016 I did my first long distance Stand Up paddling in the SUP 11 city tour. This was a 220 km race done in 5 days. I believe that the ultimate challenge must be done twice in a row so last year I did the SUP 11 city tour twice; the nonstop and the 5-days, with extreme Dutch weather circumstances. Being a Naish team rider made this a much more approachable goal because of the support and equipment that comes with it. The 220km non-stop and the 5-days tour became a 440KM race in total.

I still believe that the ultimate challenge must be done twice in a row. So I would like to first attend “The race to the midnight sun’ and then the Yukon river guest followed by the ……